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Salto Keys

We make keys for Salto Door Locks. Our high quality Salto Keys use authentic NXP and Texas Instruments RFID chips. 

We make ordering Salto Keys easy! Ask us about our “In Stock” policy.

Salto Guest Keys
• NXP Mifare Ultralight C (low capacity memory)
• NXP SLI (low capacity memory)
• Texas Instruments TI2048 (medium capacity memory)

Salto Employee Keys
• NXP Mifare S50 1K (high capacity memory)
• NXP Mifare S70 4K (high capacity memory)

Salto Dual Technology Keys
Do you have a multi-technology requirement?

We make Salto Keys featuring magnetic stripes, bar codes and additional RFID chips.

Form Factors:

All In2Tags form factors may be converted in to Salto Keys. Click on the image of the form factor below that interests you for more details.